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Silver care

 We have honoured our commitment in bringing you the best quality handcrafted jewellery by our skilled craftsmen. As we pass on the custody of this much loved creation to you, we ask you to kindly care for it the same. 

Here is how you can look after the product;
  • After each use, please wipe the item gently with a clean soft cloth ( to remove any sweat, dust etc) and store away in the pouch

  • When not in use always keep the item in the pouch/box

  • Do not spray any perfume or apply any cream after you put on the jewellery as the chemicals in such products can cause the metal to tarnish

  • Remove all jewellery before you shower. Although water cause no harm to silver, the chemicals in water such as chlorine and salt as well the products used in the shower can tarnish the metal

  • Salt in the sea breeze can cause the metal to tarnish. Therefore, if you are living in a coastal area or travelling to, protect your jewellery by storing them in the pouch

  • Keep your jewellery away from strong chemicals such as bleach

  • Sterling Silver just as any other precious metal can oxidize over time. The secret for preserving that beautiful shine is to have them polished regularly 

Remember, keep your jewellery beautiful just as your jewellery keeps you beautiful! 
All AADNA products are sold with a six month warranty from the date of purchase.